Breaking News! AGAP Candidates Emerges the Best for KOGI December 12th Election.

The chosen Party for KOGI Election

Breaking News going around among the youths in KOGI State that they will give 70% supports to All Grand Alliance Party candidates in the forthcoming LGA Election December 2020.

The youths took this decision because AGAP is the people’s party without having a Godfather backing you can contest an election it’s as simple as ABC, on like other parties that you must know one of the exco or leaders in the party before you can have access to contest,  in AGAP the moment you are 18 years and above you are qualify to vote or be voted for also all the candidates are very very educated and peace-loving people in their community LGA they represent, other reports from the youths in Kogi they said that AGAP was the first political party that sympathize with them during the EndSars sager, this are few of the reason why they have agreed to give Blocked votes  to AGAP candidates

Prince Adewale Samson who is the Lagos State Chairman for AGAP attended a KOGI towns’ union meeting in Lagos state while pleading with them to give all their supports to his colleague Hon. Muhammad Ibrahim Tayo chairman, All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP) KOGI STATE chapter back home, most of the members in the meeting said they are going home for Xmas that mobilization is on-going already

Breaking News

Some of the KOGI members in Lagos said Agap is a youth-friendly party, and the time to get it right is now! For our timing youths in Kogi state, it has been agreed to vote in 70% percent of all AGAP candidates during the fourth coming LGA Election December 12th, 2020

The statements and assumption above from the youths is totally the best says Prince Adewale Samson (AGAP) Is A New Generation Political, Party, in his own reactions, yes I agreed that we the youths are the backbone of any nation democracy because we are in numbers but in the past years some of us refused to participate in politics because of the wrong assumptions we got that politics is a dirty game, that again is totally wrong, the people are the problem, not politics, we need to change the orientation of the people.

Prince said the youths just need to re-strategize Come 2023, but the youths need to prove they are really ready to take the mantle of leadership, Starting  With The Upcoming Local Govt Election In Kogi And Bauchi State, he said  AGAP is a household name in KOGI state people are already trooping into AGAP from the reports he got from Hon. Muhammad Ibrahim Tayo KOGI STATE chairman of AGAP because All Grand Alliance Party is mainly 70% youths and 30 for our beloved Elders because we still need the blessing and advise from our fathers, he said  AGAP is not like other parties that Abuse and condemn our fathers and leaders, we are a loving political party with a Genuine Agenda that covers all be it from the South-North East-West, we are the party for what you want, we stand in solidarity with the youths in this trying period.

He said AGAP is the first to sympathize with the youths during the EndSars crisis, we are also the first to Advise the National Assembly to Implement the Jonathan 2014 Confab Reports, in other not to spend money unnecessarily because we need to use that money allegedly budgeted for the new constitution review at this time of financial crisis under COVID 19 Pandemic

AGAP Is The Party For The People In Nigeria And Kogi State Coming Election, below are our candidates for you all to vote for, A Vote for any of them secures your children’s Education and welfare well been, free Education is a sure thing for us all in KOGI state at the grassroots level, when elected.


1. Haruna A. Godwin – Chairman

Ekpa Victoria – vice chairman


2. Atawodi G. Ileanwa – chairman

Atadoga U. David- vice chairman


3. Toluhi Morris – chairman

Dare mayowa – vice chairman


4. Iyede Edwin – chairman

Shaibu idris – vice chairman


5. David eñyeone – councillor


6. Adama Abdulateef – councillor

LGA: IJUMU Iyamoye ward

7. Ibrahim Mary – councillor

LGA: Olamaboro emenege ward

8. Meyanga Abubakar – councillor


In conclusion, the party Chairman Hon. Muhammad Ibrahim Tayo has encouraged All AGAP Candidate to be magnanimous in victory and to work with all sectors of the society in order to ensure an even more resounding victory for the party on the 12th of December 2020.

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