Impeachment! If PMB Refused to Honour Reps Summon. Samson Adewale


Prince Adewale Samson said it would amount to Impeachment!!!! But he doubt if it is possible in our country called Nigeria that It Will Be Unconstitutional for PMB to ignore the lawmakers Summon

State of the Nation security telephone interview with controversial prince Adewale

The Lawmakers has passed a resolution inviting PMB to come and address members on the state of security in Nigeria, likewise senate passed a resolution calling for sack of service chiefs, the question is what the consequence for not honouring this call is?

The National Coordinator for RAIN Re-Awaken Initiative of Nigeria, who also is the Lagos-State Chairman of All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP), has said President Muhammadu Buhari must honour the invitation of our Lawmakers to explain what he is doing about the security situation in the country. He said Nigerians can no longer leave the issue of insecurity which has collapsed in the hands of the President alone. Angered by the worsening insecurity in the country, the Lawmakers on Tuesday summoned the President over the cold-blooded murder of about 43 persons by suspected Boko Haram Islamists insurgency group in Borno State. Adopting a motion under urgent matters of national importance sponsored by Satomi Ahmed, the lawmakers insist that President Buhari be made to brief them on the true state of the security of the Nation.

Samson said it is so sad over the massacre of Rice farmers by Boko Haram insurgents. The military has tried its best in combating the dreaded Boko Boys from what he is seeing the military is overwhelmed and needs Urgent support to tackle the security challenges now! As a secret security expert which he his. Things are falling apart if we don’t take drastic measures to call for international assistance because he was made to understand that even the military that is protecting us have come out loud and cleared that they don’t have enough equipment to fight the Boko boys, to his surprise the military officers that revealed the shortage of equipment were demoted! What a country we find ourselves,


According to Samson, it is time for Nigerians to get involved in the issue of security in the country through elected representatives. PMB should Honour the invitation of the Lawmakers in order to explain to the nation what he is doing about the collapsed security of Nigeria. The situation has gotten out of hand such that we can no longer leave the matter with the President again”. “Security is everybody’s business so we must all get involved through our elected representatives. It will be unconstitutional for the President to ignore the invitation of the House as that will send a wrong signal of lack of empathy for the killings going on across the land”.

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